Lima Is Now an XCFramework

Following on my recent announcement that Kilo is now available as a Swift package, I am happy to announce that Lima is now available as an XCFramework! Lima had historically been distributed as a universal binary that ran in both the simulator and on an actual device. However, this binary needed to be regenerated for every Swift version, which was inconvenient. The new XCFramework format introduced with Xcode 11 allows a framework binary to be forwards-compatible (meaning that it won’t require recompilation when a new Swift version is released).

Additionally, Lima now supports macOS! The following screen shot was taken from an unmodified version of the Lima test app running natively in macOS 10.15.4:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.26.21 PM

Unfortunately, tvOS support was dropped for this release. I am hopeful that a future Xcode update will make it easy to restore support for tvOS in a later revision. CocoaPods support was also dropped for this release.