HTTP-RPC 4.0 Released

HTTP-RPC 4.0 is now available for download. This release adds support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded and application/json request encodings. In addition to submitting request arguments as multipart/form-data, client applications can now POST arguments as URL-encoded key/value pairs and POST or PUT argument values as JSON.

For example, the following Java code would submit a JSON-encoded POST request to the resource located at /example:


serviceProxy.invoke("POST", "/example", mapOf(
    entry("string", "hello"),
    entry("number", 123),
    entry("flag", true)), (result, exception) -> {
    // ...

In Swift, the code might look like this:

serviceProxy.encoding = WSApplicationJSON

serviceProxy.invoke("POST", path: "/example", arguments: [
    "string": "hello",
    "number": 123,
    "flag": true
    ]) { result, error in
    // ...

In either case, the body of the request would contain the following:

  "string": "hello",
  "number": 123,
  "flag": true

For more information, see the project README.

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